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The Young Film Makers Program emerged from TGAI's involvement in the production of "My Best Day", a 2013 Sundance Film Festival selection. This began a relationship with the independent film makers who took an interest in the development of TGAI students. Films are produced by students under the guidance of these professional film makers. The film students attend classes to familiarize themselves with technical and theoretical concepts. Documentary techniques include interview protocols, proper lighting techniques and how to create a narrative. The themes of the films range from documenting the mural-making process to taking oral histories of mural subjects. The murals and films not only provide vocational experiences in the technical aspects of art and film, but also directly connect students to their own history and sense of place. They foster communications between different generations and demographic populations.

What has developed, in partnership with the community, is a broad-based program that is an integral part of a regional redevelopment strategy. By documenting public art projects that are truly distinctive and reflect the local history, culture and values of the Slate Belt, children gain a new sense of the value of their community.


The Young Film Makers Program- Workshop, Spring 2012 from Totts Gap Arts Institute on Vimeo.

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Some music for our videos is composed and performed by Eric Doney,

courtesy of

Minsi Ridge Records